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Season’s Readings!

Let the holidays begin, with some Children’s books celebrating Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Christmas!


The holiday symbol to children wanting lots of presents for Christmas is – of course – Santa Claus.  Santa’s scheduled journey around the world is interrupted when his reindeer break free of the reins in, “Oh! What a Christmas! by Michael Garland.  As Santa’s sleigh comes to a abrupt stop against a barn full of animals, he uses his quick thinking to enlist a cow, pig, horse, goat, and more to pull his sleigh. The toys must be delivered tonight, says Santa! With some Santa Claus magic the farm animals fly, and help deliver all the toys that Christmas night. Except for some bumpy landings, the animals did fine.


In “Seven Spools of Thread a Kwanzaa Story” by Angela Shelf Medearis , she  tells the story about seven brothers and their father. Using the “seven principles” she celebrates Kwanzaa in the story of a father teaches his arguing sons a lesson. Their father’s request upon his death, is to have the quarreling brothers make gold from seven spools of thread. At once the brothers say how can that come to be.  But soon the sons start to work together and start to make cloth from the spools. They make “gold” buy selling the cloth. In the end they finally stop fighting which was their father’s lesson all along.


Jacob’s brother Nathan has autism in “Nathan Blows out the  Hanukkah Candles”  by Tami Lehman-Wilzig.  Jacob is embarrassed by his older brother’s disorder and is not that understanding of how his brother acts. As Hanukkah approaches and the first candle is lit, with prayers said, Nathan blows out the candle! Jacob is further embarrassed when a new friend observes Nathan’s behavior.  As things turn out, Jacob’s friend and his family, are asked to join the lighting of another Hanukkah candle. This time, Nathan’s parents have prepared a jelly doughnut  menorah for Nathan to blow out!


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Hot Cocoa and Gingerbread Storytime

Ahhh.  Tis the season for hot (in this case, warm) cocoa, gingerbread, and stories.   This past week, we started the weekend on the right foot with great seasonal stories followed by a “gingerbread” craft where the kids decorated their own gingerbread boy or girl foam ornament to take home.

Here’s the rundown on the stories we used:

Llama Llama Holiday Drama by Anna Dewdney.  I just love all the Llama Llama books, and kids do too because they can definitely empathize with Llama.  In this book Llama Llama has a very long time to wait, and wait, and wait some more for it to be Christmas.  And there’s so much to do before the big day!  Mama Llama, as usual, is sure to remind Llama Llama what the season (and Mama Llama love) is all about.


Gingerbread Mouse by Katy Bratum.   When Mouse loses her home, she has to find a new one, and fast!  She finds a temporary home in a Gingerbread House, but will it last beyond the holidays?  Maybe a certain jolly stranger will save the day for Mouse.



Merry Christmas, Big Hungry Bear!  By Don and Audrey Wood.  Little Mouse is all set for Christmas, complete with a Christmas tree bursting with presents.  But there’s only one problem….BIG HUNGRY BEAR!  Will Mouse save all the presents for himself or will he be brave enough to face the big hungry bear’s cave?  With a surprise ending, this book is a heart warmer.

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Barnes and Noble Holiday Book Fair

Do you have books, games, stationary, cards, or even a Nook on your gift list for someone this year AND would like to support the Middletown Public Library?  Then you’ll want to visit the Barnes and Noble’s Middletown location on Thursday, December 15th during their regular business hours for their Holiday Bookfair.

Pick up a voucher at the Middletown Public Library’s Circulation or Children’s Department desks, and then present the voucher prior to purchasing your items and a portion of your net sales will be donated to the Middletown Public Library.

Friends of the Library and staff volunteers will be on hand near the Barnes and Noble Starbucks Cafe to gift wrap your purchases at no extra fee (though a donation would be greatly appreciated!)

The Friends of the Library thank you for supporting the library!

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