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Digging with Dogs and Trucks

Who loves  to dig up dirt and have lots of fun doing it?  Why construction trucks and dogs, of course!  Our last “Just Dig It” storytime for the summer was about a little backhoe trying to dig out a rock, a construction crew building a neighborhood truck and a bunch of dogs digging in all the wrong places.

A dump truck name Tom, mentors  Digger, diggera little backhoe, in “Digger and Tom” by Sebastien Braun.  Digger attempts to move a rock at the construction site, but realizes it is much bigger than he first thought. Soon the other construction trucks boast that they will move it with no problem, but they can’t, either!  With encouragement from Tom,  Little Digger starts anew to dig the rock out, and he does! Cheers go up for Digger’s accomplishment from the truck crew.

“The Construction Crew” by Lynn Meltzer was a good book with rhyming text that had the children joining in and finishing the sentences.  If the children couldn’t read the rhyming word for the truck, they crew2were able to identify the vehicle from the pictures.  Children also joined in to talk about their neighborhood and some that were moving to another town.


The last book  was “See Me Dig”by Paul Meisel.  This was just a fun book.  A group of dogs first start digging in the “front yard” of some woodland creatures.   The creatures get mad and start to chase the dogs.  The dogs then run far enough away to start digging in some tropical sand where they then open it to unleash pirate ghosts.  Oh boy – do the dogs run now!  This all ties into construction when the group of dogs end up finding a backhoe at a construction site.  Finally a place to dig!

A dump truck with a moveable parts was the craft. Using  brass fasteners, the bed of the truck was attached to the body of the truck. The wheels were glued on with markers rounding  out the craft experience. Children drew in people and other details on their trucks.

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A Dog’s Life Storytime

Tuesday’s Preschool storytime brought Rover and Spot to life in three fun filled books. We started with the classic, “Harry, the Dirty Dog” by Gene Zion.  It told the story of Harry the dog who runs away from home for adventure and all the dirt messes he can get into.  Harry buries his  scrub brush just before heading out.  Soon Harry goes from being a white dog with black spots to a black dog with white spots!  Upon returning home, his family doesn’t recognize him.  Harry knows what he must do: dig up the scrub brush and and make his way to the bathtub!

Flannel boards are fun and educational. With our supplies of colorful felt, we tried creating an interactive flannel board. What we came up with was a flower center with eight numbered petals that cover attached numbers underneath. We sang the counting song 1 little, 2 little, 3 little petals, counting up to to the number 8 ending with 7 little, 8 the little orange petals all around the flower. Each child came up and took a petal off from the flower revealing the same number underneath. We sang the song one more time then asked the children one at a time to match their petal to the right number. It worked well with the small group.

In “What is your Dog Doing” by Marilyn Singer, the author describe our pet dogs good and bad behavior with rhyming text.  She also described dogs personalities through the book. It’s a fast read with pictures that go well with the text.

Emma Dodd”s is one of our favorite author’s and we approached the title “Dog’s ABC a Silly Story about the Alphabet” leaving out the the alphabet part (that part would work better with one on one read). The main character, Dog,  has  adventures  with  other animals throughout the story. When rain approaches, Dog’s human Vicky comes to let him in — ending  all of his ABC adventures.  Dodd illustrates her books with big, colorful, and simple pictures that work well for a read-a-loud.

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