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Bats! Bats! Bats!

The final Big Dreamer’s Summer Storytime theme was bats: swimming bats, beach combing bats, and singing bats.

A large festival of bats in “Bat Jamboree” by Kathi Appelt held everyone’s attention as fifty-five bats counted to 10 and then back again to create a giant bat pyramid.  The Bat Lady gets to sing in the last act bringing the crowd to their feet.


A lonely bat at the zoo wants to be as popular as the other animals and sets off to see if he can learn to be popular too in “Batty” by Sarah Dyer.  He visits the penguins, lions, monkeys, and birds, all pointing out to Batty that he is limited.  What Batty didn’t realize was that he had made lots of friends in trying to be popular.


A family of bats heads off into the night to visit the ocean in Brian Lies’s “Bats at the Beach”.   Fun is in the air as the bats do everything what a “night” at the beach would bring, especially wearing “moon-tan” lotion.


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Star Light! Star Bright!

What could stop the Moon from smiling?!  In “When the Moon Smiled” by Petr Horacek, the evening Moon is unhappy at what he sees happening on the farm. The night time animals are sleeping, and day time animals are awake.  Moon reverses the situation  by slowly lighting the night sky with stars and soon everything is back to normal.


In, Stars! Stars! Stars! by Bob Barner, a young boy’s interest in the night sky sets him off though the solar system. Starting with our sun he travels from planet to planet identifying each as he goes along.  It’s a story celebrating the starry heavens.



The nursery rhyme, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” retold by Jane Taylor follows a curious chipmunk. The small creature questions all the shining things he encounters from dew covered spiderwebs to fire flies buzzing by. With added verses this dream like story takes off.




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