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Snoring through the Night….

The theme this storytime was snoring, which had Preschool Storytime children trying out some loud and quiet snores before the first book was read.


In the book “Roar of a Snore” by Marsh Diane Arnold, Jack can not sleep. A snore that “rocked the floor and shook the door'” has awaken him. Determined to search out who is snoring like that, Jack wakes the whole house and barn to stop that snore. A kitten, fast asleep in the hay was the culprit. Jack tries to wake the kitten but everyone says just let him sleep. So every ones decides to sleep and snore, with the kitten. What a noise that snoring group made.

We did a trio of hand plays, starting with Boom! Bang! Thunder, then Fireflies, and Two little Apples.  The action rhyme Boom! Bang! Thunder is a fun favorite with the children.

mr night

“Good Night, Mr. Night” by Dan Yaccarino was a quiet lyrical story. A young boy imagines the night, as a man, that wakes after the sun sets. “Mr Night” closes the flowers, quiets the animals and calms the seas. The boy knows that when Mr. Night is out side his window it’s time to go to sleep.  A good book overall.


“Bear Snores On” by Karma Wilson had great illustrations that caught the attention of the children.  In this story, a hibernating bear and his den become a gathering place for creatures during a snow storm.  All the creatures are eating and drinking and having a good time, until a fleck of pepper makes bear sneeze – thus waking him up!  At first bear is mad because he had missed out on all the fun, but then joins the group to have a good time.  After many tales, everyone falls asleep and snores, EXCEPT bear.

The character Bear from “Bear Snores On” was the craft. The bear’s shape was one cut out with paws and his belly glued on. The details of the bear were added with markers.

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Fuzzy Wuzzy Bears

September’s first Preshool Storytime had the  theme of bears. The stories told us about Norris the wise bear, Big Smelly Bear and why he smelled, and a distraught bear who had lost his hat.

Catherine Rayner’s delightful story, “The Bear Who Shared” told of Norris waiting patiently for a “plorringe” to drop from the tree; but he wasn’t the only one waiting to eat the plorringe. Who will get the fruit first?  The story’s title is a hint!


Jon Klassen’s “I Want My Hat Back” told of a bear who had lost his hat. The bear misses his hat very much.  He asks each woodland creature he encounters if they have seen it.  After thinking it over the bear realizes who exactly stole his hat. There is a confrontation, and let’s just say… the bear gets his hat back.



In  Britta Teckentrup’s “Big Smelly Bear”, we find out what makes Big Smelly Bear smelly – he doesn’t bathe! But things change one day when Big Smelly Bear meets Big Fluffy Bear.  Big Fluffy Bear tells Big Smelly Bear that if he bathed he won’t smell anymore.  Reluctantly he takes the advice and Big Smelly Bear becomes just Big Bear.

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