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Mucky Mud and More!

Getting down and dirty was the theme for the second week of our “Just Dig It” storytimes.  The children were eager to hear the books read based just on the cover illustrations.

The first book read was the classic “Harry the Dirty Dog” by Gene Zion. The dogmain character Harry created a lot of conversation about the children’s own pet dogs and how they get dirty or stay clean.  The kids shared quite a few of their own pet stories!  The story told of a dog who didn’t like to get a bath, so one day he buries the scrubbing brush and runs away, and in the process gets as dirty as he can. Returning home, Harry is unrecognizable to his family.  The one thing that Harry must do is to dig up the scrub brush and jump in the bathtub for his family to know who he is!

“Dirty Gert” by Ted Arnold, had many going OOOOOOO! when the character dirty gertGert decides to eat dirt and ends up liking it!  This rhyming text tells of a young girl’s habit of eating dirt.  One day “when no one  was the wiser”  it becomes more then eating dirt for Gert “it had photosynthesized her”. She grew roots on her feet and leaves in her hair. Soon lawyers, botanists, and movie directors are involved. Things get worst for Gert but that is when her parents step in; knowing to “trim and fertilizer her”.

I think the last book appealed to the boys in the group with its cover of a muddy i'm dirtybackhoe. “I’m Dirty” by Kate and Jim McMullan told the story of a backhoe and what he does in a typical day.  The backhoe counts down from ten all the trash he must move to the dumpster.  But the dirty part for the backhoe is removing a stump and then leveling the dirt.  This was one dirty machine!

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Fuzzy Wuzzy Bears

September’s first Preshool Storytime had the  theme of bears. The stories told us about Norris the wise bear, Big Smelly Bear and why he smelled, and a distraught bear who had lost his hat.

Catherine Rayner’s delightful story, “The Bear Who Shared” told of Norris waiting patiently for a “plorringe” to drop from the tree; but he wasn’t the only one waiting to eat the plorringe. Who will get the fruit first?  The story’s title is a hint!


Jon Klassen’s “I Want My Hat Back” told of a bear who had lost his hat. The bear misses his hat very much.  He asks each woodland creature he encounters if they have seen it.  After thinking it over the bear realizes who exactly stole his hat. There is a confrontation, and let’s just say… the bear gets his hat back.



In  Britta Teckentrup’s “Big Smelly Bear”, we find out what makes Big Smelly Bear smelly – he doesn’t bathe! But things change one day when Big Smelly Bear meets Big Fluffy Bear.  Big Fluffy Bear tells Big Smelly Bear that if he bathed he won’t smell anymore.  Reluctantly he takes the advice and Big Smelly Bear becomes just Big Bear.

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