The Ants Go Marching

We started off preschool storytime with the book “All for Pie and Pie for All” by David Martin. This delightful book about enjoying a blueberry pie, has a family of cats, mice and ants eating the dessert till it is all gone. Martin uses the simple idea of eating food as Papa Cat, Mama Cat, and so down the line have a slice and then nap. The same thing takes place for the family of mice eating the last slice.  Six crumbs are left after the mice and who smells the last remnants of pie? Grandma Ant, with Baby Ant getting the final crumb. The story builds and repeats nicely with great illustrations by Valeri Gorbachev.

“If I had A Dragon” by Amanda Ellery broke up the ant theme with a young boy’s wish to have a dragon for a playmate. Morton, is asked to play with his younger brother, but  he would rather not. He thinks of all the fun he will have if had a dragon as a playmate.  Hide-and-seek! well maybe not. Swimming at the pool! No. The illustrations show how each wish of a fun dragon activity wouldn’t work. Morton then realizes that his baby brother could make a fun playmate after all.

Counting and marching to a very singable song was the story of “The Ants Go Marching”, illustrated by Sandra D’Antonio.  This classic counting song was expanded through illustrations, and made for a fun read.

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Furry Felines in Preschool Storytime

Children gathered for preschool storytime ready to listen to stories about a hungry cat hunting for lunch, a kitten just wanting to play, and a feline with a mellow disposition.

Lois Ehlert’s title “Feather’s for Lunch” combined a rhyming text adventure with song bird identification. A cat scampers out the door looking for something good to eat. Will the cat ever get that flying feathered treat? Well almost, as the cat’s owner catches him, so it was just feather’s for lunch.

Cat just wants to sleep, and kitten just wants to play, in “Cat Nap”by Tony Yuly. The story engaged the children with it’s illustrations; where is cat hiding from  kitten in their hide-and-seek game?  Cat first hides under the bed; kitten finds him. Cat hides in the cellar; kitten finds him. Poor cat, kitten always finds him. Cat finally heads to his napping place, but who’s there already sleeping? Kitten!

Pete the Cat has become a beloved children’s book character created by author Eric Litwin. In, “Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons” Pete loves his yellow shirt with it’s special buttons. As each button pops off of Pete’s shirt in the story, children count down each loss. First four, then three, then to zero. The repeating line “buttons come and buttons go” doesn’t have the mellow cat worrying. In the end Pete the Cat has one button left; his belly button!

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New Tween Reads

We recently went through our chapter book collection, pulling certain titles that would become part of our new Tween Collection. Tweens, generally ages 9-12, now have a collection that they can go to for books geared towards their interests in fiction.

The idea of making a section in the children’s library for that age group was prompted to help provide age appropriate materials until they make that leap to Young Adult.

The Tween collection has established authors, but new tween writers have been ordered and added to the shelves for check out.

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Girl Scouts Celebrate 100 years

Girl Scout troop leaders organized a lively bulletin board display, in the Children’s Department, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts founding.  On March 12th of 1912, Juliette Gordon Low started the organization with just a small group of girls. Today, Girl Scouts are now in every state, and though so much has happened since then, the organization’s core values and traditions have stayed the same.

March is also Women’s History month and the Girl Scout bulletin board reflects potential women leaders in our community. Celebrating Women’s History month and the Girls Scout founding is a nice way to highlight the girls that may go on to take an active role in society as women.


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Waddle Here, Waddle There, Penguins Everywhere!

The day after leap day had the preschool storytime group meeting once again.  With the staff still wanting to hold onto winter weather we did the theme of penguins. The penguins in the stories were adventuresome, fun loving, and  playful, and of course very cute.

The recently published book “Bob and Flo” by Rebecca Ashdown tells of two young penguins who meet in preschool.  Bob has walked off with Flo’s lunch bucket and decides to first wear it as a hat, then make sand castles, and finally to use it as a drum. When Flo finds Bob stuck on the slide, she also sees another use for the bucket, and with a splash of water  from the bucket Bob is freed. Soon the two are swooshing and splashing.  In the end, Flo has realized that Bob should keep the bucket, and tells him to remember to bring it next time.

Penguins in a zoo set the scene for the next story. Liz Pichon’s “Penguins” tells of a group of zoo penguins that come upon a camera left by a human.  At first they are not sure about what the item is, until a young penguin pipes up and says “you smile at it-say FISH!”. Penguin fun ensues as they go about taking picture after picture.  But when the camera stops, well the penguins quietly put it back. The girl  who had left it behind comes to claim the camera from the zookeeper and to her surprise there were a lot penguin photos!


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Science or Magic?

Friday the 19th of winter break had “Atomic Adam” from Mad Science prepared to dazzle his eager audience with the of the laws of science. How could the center of gravity, centripetal force, and the laws of density and mass, possibly be entertaining. Well it was!

Some of the audience knew of the scientific terms that helped explained Atomic Adam’s impossible feats. Using just a packet of ketchup enclosed in a full bottle of water, Adam had the group memorized at what he did next. Holding the bottle in one hand he magically guided the ketchup packet to the bottom of the bottle. What!? How did he do that? Atomic Adam, knowing that there was a pocket of air in the ketchup, applied pressure to the bottle therefore making the ketchup denser than the water which caused the ketchup to sink to the bottom.

There were laughs and giggles throughout the program along with the audience’s participation. In the end there was a round of applause for the laws of science.

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Community Outreach Storytimes

The last week of February we were visited by groups of preschoolers from the Pell School and Headstart. For each day of visits we offered a storytime based on the theme of community helpers.  “Trashy Town” by Andrea Zimmerman told of a typical day for Mr. Gilly, the trash man. Always on the alert to find trash, Mr Gilly makes many stops in cleaning up Trashy Town. He fills his truck at the playground and pizza parlor.  There are more stops at the school and doctor’s office.  When will Mr. Gilly’s truck be filled?  When the last garbage can has been emptied!

The storytime continued with the next book, “Police Hurrying! Helping! Saving!” by Patricia Hubbell.  The story told of policemen and how they are busy everywhere helping people. There are policemen who give first aid, and policemen who direct traffic. You may see a policeman on a horse, or a motorcycle, or a boat.  There are policemen everywhere helping out!

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Groundhog Day Storytime!

Our fellow furry weather forecaster, Mr. Groundhog was the subject for this week’s Preschool Storytime.  Some of the preschoolers knew of Groundhog Day, but not so much of the particulars.  Starting with the book “Who Will See Their Shadows this Year” by Jerry Pallotta, we have several animals who want groundhog’s claim to fame by casting their own shadows to see if it will bring spring. Camel’s shadow brings a sandstorm, whereas the buffalo’s shadow brings a hurricane. Will another animal steal groundhog’s thunder? Or will our favorite furry forecaster shadow do the trick?

The version of “Pete the Cat Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”  done by James Dean, has the singing cat tell the beautiful tale of the night’s starry sky. Dean expands on the nursery rhyme, to tell a story of a Pete the Cat and his wonder of the stars at night. A very nice rendition of the childhood rhyme.

We ended with the book “Ten Grouchy Groundhogs” by Kathryn Heling. In this counting story, cabin fever strikes each of the ten groundhogs living in their den. One by one each leave to get away from the rest.  How many groundhogs have to see their shadow before we know if spring has arrived?  Ten, as all the groundhogs go back into the den for another six weeks of winter!

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Sew Cool Sewing Club Update

There have been numerous and favorable responses to our first ever sewing club, so we have scheduled four more workshops for the months of February, March, April, and May.  Meeting again on Sundays from 1:30-3:30, tweens can enjoy working with fabric while learning simple sewing tips.  We have decided to try  something new this time which is to allow patrons to bring their own personal sewing machines to the workshop. This will speed up the actual sewing time for those who come with a machine.

Young patrons can bring their sewing machines whether they know how to use it or not.  Those learning for the first time are asked to bring the owner’s manual, with a bobbin and needle that goes with the machine. Working together we should set up the machine to start the sewing project. If not then our trusty Singer will pull us through!





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Fun time, Craft time

On Monday evenings in the MPL’s Children’s Department one can find children making crafts between 4 and 5:00 pm.  The crafts are usually seasonal and holiday themed. Last Monday, children were making a snowman hat complete with a carrot nose, warm hat and woolly scarf; this foam fashion statement could be custom fitted.  Soon we had snowman everywhere complementing the frosty weather outside.

Check our library flyer for the next posted crafts. It usually goes up the month before and describes the coming crafts.


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