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Homework Help a Click Away (part 1)

We have incredible resources here at the library to help with homework, research, and project reports.  And all of them are a click away through our AskRI and EBSCO databases!  The links to both of these resources are located on the left hand column of our website, and with just click on each one you’ll be on your way to getting the homework help you need.  Some of the databases may require your library barcode number to sign in.

But how do they work, you ask?  Well, let us tell you!

In Part 1, let’s take a look at AskRI, because it offers some pretty amazing services.  Most amazingly, you can connect with an online tutor (for FREE!) logo-hhrithrough Homework Help RI.  Certified tutors (with background checks) are available everyday from 2pm -10pm, but their other resources such as their study guides, worksheets, and test prep are available 24/7.

  • World Book Web:  Offers a variety of online encyclopedias for all world book studentages, from World Book Kids to World Book Advanced.  Choose the encyclopedia that’s right for you, type in what your interested in learning or researching, and BAM!  Search results include, magazine and encyclopedia articles, primary sources, maps, ebooks, videos & other media, and lots more to choose from to make your paper or project as informative and dynamic as possible.  There’s even a citation builder in World Book Student and Advanced to help you organize where you pulled all your information from.
  • Learning Express:  To access Learning Express, use your library learning expressbarcode number for your username and create a password to log in.  Once logged in, you can choose from the Learning Centers (elementary through adult) to see which practice tests and study guides are offered for each.  We especially like how College Preparation offers practice exams and study guides for the ACT, PSAT, SAT, AP, CLEP, and much more.  This database also covers job search and workplace skills, US citizenship, and adult skill building.
  • Mango Languages:  Learn a new language or brush up on an old one.  Mango-LanguagesIncludes a handy option of creating a profile to track your progress.

Part 2 will cover how parents and students can use EBSCO Host databases so check back later this week for more research and project guidance!



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Homework Help at the Library

One of the greatest resources that the library can offer is homework and research help.  How?  Through the incredible online databases, books, and other resources that we can provide for you at the library and through our website.

With our help, we’ll show you how to navigate the web to find credible websites to use for your school report, as well as show you how to use multiple databases to find scholarly articles, journals, primary documents, and encyclopedias that you can use for that paper you need to write.  Below is a listing of resources that are better than anything you will ever find on Wikipedia:

Homework Help RI
Connects you to free, live tutors online.  Five different centers, the Student Center, College Center, Adult Education Centers, Career Center, and ProofPoint Writing Center offer a wide range of services.  For example, the Student Center can help with studying for exams and homework help, while the College Center is ideal for students needing exam prep, finding a job, and reviewing course work.    

World Book
Provides encyclopedic articles, videos, pictures, and maps that your teacher will appreciate more than that entry you found on Wikipedia.  Includes World Book Kids, World Book Student, World Book Advanced, and many other options.

Student Research Center 
Searches through magazines, books and encyclopedias, biographies, radio and TV news transcripts, country reports, state/ province reports, primary source documents, photos, flags, maps, film and videos.  A great database with many ways to search for what you are looking for!

Kids Search and Searchasaurus

Colorful, easy to use websites that are great for younger students who are looking for information on topics such as animals, arts and music, geography and history, health, news, language arts, math, science, social studies, and sports. 

Mango Languages

Parlez-vous francais?  If you’d like to learn French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, or any of the other 34 languages offered on Mango, then this site can help you with lessons, reviews, and quizzes so that you’ll be on your way to being fluent in the language that you’ve always wanted to learn.

These resources are available through  AskRI and EBSCOhost.  They can be accessed through our library homepage by clicking on the logo’s featured below. 

Certain databases may ask for you library card to sign in.  For a FREE library card, please visit your local library with a photo ID and proof of Rhode Island residency.    

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