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Snoring through the Night….

The theme this storytime was snoring, which had Preschool Storytime children trying out some loud and quiet snores before the first book was read.


In the book “Roar of a Snore” by Marsh Diane Arnold, Jack can not sleep. A snore that “rocked the floor and shook the door'” has awaken him. Determined to search out who is snoring like that, Jack wakes the whole house and barn to stop that snore. A kitten, fast asleep in the hay was the culprit. Jack tries to wake the kitten but everyone says just let him sleep. So every ones decides to sleep and snore, with the kitten. What a noise that snoring group made.

We did a trio of hand plays, starting with Boom! Bang! Thunder, then Fireflies, and Two little Apples.  The action rhyme Boom! Bang! Thunder is a fun favorite with the children.

mr night

“Good Night, Mr. Night” by Dan Yaccarino was a quiet lyrical story. A young boy imagines the night, as a man, that wakes after the sun sets. “Mr Night” closes the flowers, quiets the animals and calms the seas. The boy knows that when Mr. Night is out side his window it’s time to go to sleep.  A good book overall.


“Bear Snores On” by Karma Wilson had great illustrations that caught the attention of the children.  In this story, a hibernating bear and his den become a gathering place for creatures during a snow storm.  All the creatures are eating and drinking and having a good time, until a fleck of pepper makes bear sneeze – thus waking him up!  At first bear is mad because he had missed out on all the fun, but then joins the group to have a good time.  After many tales, everyone falls asleep and snores, EXCEPT bear.

The character Bear from “Bear Snores On” was the craft. The bear’s shape was one cut out with paws and his belly glued on. The details of the bear were added with markers.

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Digging with Dogs and Trucks

Who loves  to dig up dirt and have lots of fun doing it?  Why construction trucks and dogs, of course!  Our last “Just Dig It” storytime for the summer was about a little backhoe trying to dig out a rock, a construction crew building a neighborhood truck and a bunch of dogs digging in all the wrong places.

A dump truck name Tom, mentors  Digger, diggera little backhoe, in “Digger and Tom” by Sebastien Braun.  Digger attempts to move a rock at the construction site, but realizes it is much bigger than he first thought. Soon the other construction trucks boast that they will move it with no problem, but they can’t, either!  With encouragement from Tom,  Little Digger starts anew to dig the rock out, and he does! Cheers go up for Digger’s accomplishment from the truck crew.

“The Construction Crew” by Lynn Meltzer was a good book with rhyming text that had the children joining in and finishing the sentences.  If the children couldn’t read the rhyming word for the truck, they crew2were able to identify the vehicle from the pictures.  Children also joined in to talk about their neighborhood and some that were moving to another town.


The last book  was “See Me Dig”by Paul Meisel.  This was just a fun book.  A group of dogs first start digging in the “front yard” of some woodland creatures.   The creatures get mad and start to chase the dogs.  The dogs then run far enough away to start digging in some tropical sand where they then open it to unleash pirate ghosts.  Oh boy – do the dogs run now!  This all ties into construction when the group of dogs end up finding a backhoe at a construction site.  Finally a place to dig!

A dump truck with a moveable parts was the craft. Using  brass fasteners, the bed of the truck was attached to the body of the truck. The wheels were glued on with markers rounding  out the craft experience. Children drew in people and other details on their trucks.

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Red Wigglers Revisited

For our second year of Greenie Programs we once again kept red wigglers living at our desk in the Children’s Department.   The container that the worms were living in was the perfect environment; dark and moist. The Red Wigglers also known as compost worms were feeding on banana peels, coffee grounds, lint, and newspaper, truly a feast.


The first story read was“Ned’s New Home ” by Kevin Tseng . It was a cute story about Ned’s house being an apple and  it “raining apple juice” sending Ned in search of a new home. After attempting to reside in different fruit, with a house made from blueberries as a disaster, Ned once again finds a perfect home in an another apple.


The book “Bob and Otto” by Robert O. Bruel, tells of a worm and caterpillar as friends. One day Bob says he needs to climb the old tree; that it is important. Otto can not understand why. As the story continues we realize that Bob needs to become a butterfly. Although,  all Otto did was to dig around  the tree’s roots, he made it able for his friend Bob to become a butterfly by helping the old tree grow. Bob and Otto reunite, with Bob being thankful for Otto’s simple act of digging.

The craft was inspired by “Ned’s New Home”. A paper apple was made with two holes punched in on each side. A leaf and stem were first glued to the apple. Then a green pipe cleaner was threaded through each hole. Each end of the pipe cleaner was rolled to create a head and tail of a worm. An eye was glue to the top of one end. To finish the craft a popsicle stick was taped to the back of the apple.

Afterwards we talked about how worms live and grow and then the group got a close up look at the red wigglers with our “creature peepers”.  These magnifiers let everyone get a good look from above and below in viewing the worms.

Once  outside everyone got a least two handfuls of dirt and worms to put into the compost bin. “Black Gold”, or amazing composted dirt, will be the end result!


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Afterschool Art for Kids with ABC Architecture…and a party!

Tuesday, April 30th at 4pm: Birdhouse Design and Decoration

Start with a simple wooden birdhouse and see what it becomes.  Children will be provided with a wooden birdhouse to decorate, and all birdhouses will be displayed in the librarytreehouse for a month.

Pre-registration is required for limited class size and supplies.  Ages 5 and up.  Please visit or call the library at 401-846-1573 to register.

Following the Afterschool Art program we’ll have a party and short speaking program in the Children’s Department to celebrate the completion of our Alphabet Houses display and the new puppet theater at 5pm.  Refreshments will be served!

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Santa’s workshop was busy!

Our young patrons were busy as elves this pass Saturday making Graham cracker ginger bread houses that were known to be modeled after Santa Claus’s summer cottage.

And although Santa’s reindeer did not exactly pose for the paper reindeer cut outs, it was a good likeness never the less.  Rudolph was well represented. There were holiday cards made, that were soon to be mailed as many of the elves had stickers, paper and ink everywhere in a rush to send out Christmas greetings.  It was a good time had by all!


Recipe for quick Graham cracker gingerbread houses

Ingredients: 3 sleeves of Graham crackers, white tub frosting, assorted candies, (use different colors and shapes to add to the fun!)

Using a foam plate as the base, take a plastic bag filled with frosting (corner tip cut off) and outline a square as the base to start the house. Position the four sides till they stand (use a thick amount of frosting for this).  Frost top corners with just a dab. Let dry 24 hours. To make the roof frost two sides on top of the walls. Then frost just one side of the top of the roof. Position the roof to the walls first then gradually connect the the top at the peak. Let dry 24 hours. Decorate with assorted candies. Enjoy!

To make the paper reindeer:

Using a 8.5 by 11 piece of card stock paper, fold in half.  Using a handmade template trace the outline of the cutout. The part of the  reindeer antlers which meet on the fold should not be cut as this is how the cutout stands up right. A white marker was used to decorate the reindeer.

Making Holiday cards:

At your local craft store holiday stickers can go on sale for 50% off.  Take advantage of this, stickers can go a long way.  White card stock was used with the stickers going on the cards and envelopes.  Stamps using red and green ink added another dimension.


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Big Dreamers Books and Crafts Programs

Big Dreamers Books and Crafts

Dream BIG with us this summer with thematically related books and crafts during the Summer Reading Program.  Together we’ll explore the starry night sky, dreams, nocturnal animals, and more night related themes through our arts and literacy program of Big Dreamers Books and Crafts.  Ages 4 and up.  Free!
Registration is required for EACH program.  Please visit or call the Children’s Department at 846-1573 to register.
Dates and Times:
  • Thursday, June 28th at 11am
  • Thursday, July 12th at 11am
  • Thursday, July 19th at 11am
  • Thursday, July 26th at 11am
  • Thursday, August 2nd at 11am
  • Thursday, August 9th at 11am
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Thanks, Mom!

“Thanks, Mom!” Mother’s Day Storytime and Card Making Craft

What better way to say “Happy Mother’s Day!” than with a handmade card from a loved one and sharing a special storytime?  For ages 4 and up.  All supplies are provided.  Register for this free program by visiting or calling the Children’s Department at 846-1573.
  •  When: Saturday, May 12th at 11am.  FREE.
  • Where: Children’s Department
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A Seafaring Fun Month

January is a time to hunker down and stay warm, but it’s also a month packed full of great programs here at the library.  The theme this month – all things sea related!  All month long we’ll be featuring storytimes and special programs for our youngest seafarers.  Mermaids, pirates, and fantastical marine animals are what we’re excited about this month!

Name the Middletown Mermaid Contest

We’re fired up to announce a new contest here at the Middletown Public Library!  Beginning January 3rd, 2012,  children ages 4-12 will have the chance to enter our “Name the Middletown Mermaid” contest.  The winner will receive a $25 gift card to Island Books!  Entry cards can be picked up at the Children’s Desk.

The Middletown Mermaid has been watching over the Children’s Department since October of 2011.   Created by local children and paper artist Lisa May at Harborfest’s community arts tent for children at the Newport Yachting Center on October 1st and 2nd, the Middletown Mermaid is a beautiful papier-mâché sculpture adorned and festooned with seashells.  It was thoughtfully donated to the library by Lisa May and Festival Fete, which sponsors locally grown art, food, and merriment.


  • Open to children ages 4-12
  • Limited to two entries per eligible person
  • Entries must be submitted to the Children’s Department of the Middletown Public Library by January 31st, 8pm EST

Pirate Storytime and Craft Program

Break out the treasure map and shiver me timbers cause it’s time to speak pirate!  This storytime will feature pirate and seafaring stories for all our wee mateys.  A themed craft will follow storytime.  Extra points for dressing the pirate part!  For ages 4 and up.  Pre-registration is required.  FREE.

Saturday, January 14th at 11am.

Under the Sea Storytime and Craft Program

Mermaids, fish, and sunken treasure abound in this underwater adventure storytime.  A themed craft will follow this program.  For ages 4 and up.  Pre-registration is required.  FREE.

                  Saturday, January 21st at 11am

Biomes Center Marine Animal Program

Get up close and personal with various marine animals such as horseshoe crabs, sea cucumbers, starfish, seahorses and pufferfish.  This special program is presented by the Biomes Center.  This is a great hands-on program that will give children the opportunity to touch and learn about these amazing sea creatures.  Best for ages 4 and up!  FREE.   Tickets for seating will be available in the Children’s Department 1 week prior to the program.  

Saturday, January 28th at 2pm in the Middletown Public Library’s Meeting Room


Celebrate the Chinese New Year

It’s the Year of the Dragon!  Celebrate the Chinese New Year with stories, fortune cookies, and a craft.  Pre-registration is required.  Ages 4 and up.  FREE.

Monday, January 23rd at 4pm

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Winter Wonderland Storytime and Craft

Snowmen, snow days, and snowball fights are what winter is all about.
Join us for a Winter Wonderland storytime and craft.  For ages 3 and up.  Registration required.  This program is free.
When: Wednesday, December 28th at 2pm.
To register for this program, please call or visit the Children’s Department at 846-1573

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Storytime on the Move!

The December 13th storytime  theme for our Playful Preschoolers was about construction vehicles.

Sally Sutton’s book “Roadwork” had a rhyming text throughout the book that played off the sounds of construction. The rhymes started with the planing of a road and ends with the  finished highway.




Also read was “Melvin Might”by Jon Sciecszka. It is a story of Melvin the Cement Mixer.  He’s worried ABOUT worrying, yet overcomes this problem to save a fellow truck in need.




The next book read was “Truck Stuck”, by  Sally Wolf.  This book was hit! The group enjoyed the simple text and pictures where the young character solves the truck’s  dilemma. 





The theme ended with the book “Roadwork Ahead” by Anastasia Suen. A mother and son, along with their pet dog, travel to Grandma’s and encounter different situations along the way.



The story time craft involved the making of a bus, firetruck and a construction vehicle. With simple shapes the items were completed with delight.

Bulldozing our way through another craft!
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