Bugs Flying, Hopping, Singing

Bugs! was the theme for today’s preschool storytime. Our trio of books got the group humming with energy as each pointed and called out the names of bugs in the stories.  It happened that there were ladybugs pictured in each book, a bug, which everyone knew.  So here are the books:

In “Some Bug” by Angela DiTerlizzi, the story moves along by asking the reader what is the name of the bug that would hop, flutter or hide. Animals are also included in the pictures in a subtle manner for  the keen eye to spot and identify.  It was the favorite of storytime today.

Anyone who is a fan of Julie Donaldson will love “What the Ladybug Heard”. Donaldson’s main characters are always in the role of a hero. In “What the Ladybug Heard” our hero is a ladybug living on a farm. Always the quietest among the farm animals, the ladybug overhears a plot by two thieves to steal the “fine prize cow”. The ladybug, no longer silent, tells animals what is going to happen and devises a plan. Then working together, the animals disguise their voices to throw off the crooks and stop the cow from being stolen!

Finding each caterpillar in “Ten Little Caterpillars” by Bill Martin Jr. with illustrations by Lois Ehlert, was a delight for the preschoolers. The pictures in the book are the story, asking readers to look for each caterpillar and other creatures on the pages. Those not familiar with Lois Ehlert’s illustrations will want to introduce young readers to her distinctive style.

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