All About Teeth

The preschool storytime ventured into the toothy subject of teeth with the books “Clarabella’s Teeth” by An Vrombaut, Barbara Jean Hicks’ “Monsters Don’t Eat Brocccoli”, and “Tabitha’s Terrifically Tough Tooth” by Charlotte Middleton.

Clarabella takes good care of her crocodile teeth, brushing each and every one in the morning. Her friends do the same and and arrive on time for daycare. But where is Clarabella? She is still brushing her teeth! Snack time comes and goes, so does craft time, and then lunch. Still no Clarabella. With her teeth finally clean, Clarabella is ready to meet them at daycare, but where are her friends? They are getting ready for bed! Her friends have missed her, and to correct the situation surprise her with an oversize tooth brush that is just right for her crocodile smile.

Eating broccoli is the worst! That is what monsters say in Barbara Jean Hicks’ “Monsters Don’t eat Broccoli”. The rhyming text goes on to say that monsters would rather eat buildings and “fish and ships” then devour healthy food such as broccoli. Hicks’ picture book can be used as a parent’s aid to teach the idea of eating green vegetables. We believe there were a few converts after the book’s reading.

Lose a tooth and get money for it?  Tabitha sets out to get that wobbly tooth out in “Tabitha’s Terrifically Tough Tooth” by Charlotte Middleton. Trying to make sure she is visited by the Tooth Fairy that night, she tries creative ways to loosen the tooth. Jumping on the bed? No. Tying the tooth to a turtle? No. What will it take? A sneeze does the trick!

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