A Small Celebration for Earth Day

Tuesday’s storytime preschoolers were treated to a local guest reader, and first time author, Gretchen M. Everin.  We chose the theme of Mother Earth, with “Miss Gretchen” reading her book “Mama’s New Do”. We started the storytime with the books “Nibbles a Green Tale” by Charlotte Middleton, and “Plant a Seed” by Kadir Nelson. Gretchen Everin’s book was third, followed by the craft which she provided.

Teaching plant conservation was artfully done by Charlotte Middleton in “Nibbles a Green Tale”.  Nibbles, a soccer loving guinea pig, loves dandelion leaves, but so does his parents and sister; along with every guinea pig in Dandeville.  Soon all the dandelion plants are gone in Dandeville, except one which Nibbles finds growing outside his bedroom.  Nibbles wants to eat it’s tender leaves, but instead goes to his local library to learn how to grow dandelions!  With patience and restraint, that one dandelion plant grows a crown of seeds, which Nibbles casts to the wind.  Soon the seeds become plants with leaves, and the guinea pigs no longer have to eat cabbage but could nibble dandelions once again.

Kadir Nelson’s book “Plant a Seed” is beautifully told through it’s illustrations, where sowing seeds and enjoying the fruits of your labor is a metaphor for “sowing” the seeds of kindness which gives a more lasting and rewarding harvest. Nelson’s illustrations and text tell of a story were a rabbit and mouse plant some seeds and are rewarded with delicious tomatoes and carrots. But some neighborhood birds show up that want some of the vegetables. A tomato fight ensues, with no edible food left to eat. And then they all realize their foolishness.  The birds take flight sowing seeds from the air, and with everyone helping together, a much more bountiful garden is grown, for everyone to share.

“Hug Mama Earth and You Hug Yourself”, is Gretchen Everin’s message in her first book titled “Mama’s New Do”.  A story celebrating the simple things we can do to help take care of Mother Earth,  the story’s young girl leads the way to give the Earth some TLC. The rhyming text tells of conservation, recycling, and of joining together to protect our planet. It is a loving celebration of or unique relationship with Earth.

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