Fish Tales to Read Aloud

The books from the preschool storytime offered three fun fish tales about the antics of a shark, giant squid, and a little fish who stole a hat.  Here are the stories that the group enjoyed.

“Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark” is a fun version based on the “Three Little Pigs” tale. Author Ken Geist has mama fish sending her little fish Jim, Tim, and Kim out into the ocean. Each start to build their houses. Jim chooses seaweed, which the Big Bad Shark happens upon and makes it into a salad. Jim gets away and meets up with Tim who has built a sand castle? Well, Jim and Tim escape the shark to find their sister Kim living in a ship wreck. Can that with stand the Big Bad Shark? One knows how the story ends.  There is a short epilogue on what becomes of the Big Bad Shark.

Never think you can out smart a big fish after stealing his hat. That is the tale in the book “This Is Not My Hat” by Jon Klassen. The subtle humor in the story is shown by the illustrations that tell a different tale then the narrative.

A giant squid loves being the largest thing in the sea in Kevin Sherry’s book “I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean”. He points out how his is bigger than clams, starfish, jellyfish and sharks, (say that last one quietly). The squid somehow doesn’t realize that a whale that is about to swallow him is the biggest thing in the ocean. What is the squid to do? Could he be the biggest thing inside the whale?

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