April Flowers

Sewing machines were absent this Sunday when the Sew Cool Sewing Club gathered for the April 10th session. Our intrepid sewers’ challenge for the month was to embroider a flower on cross-stitch fabric. The piece was then to be ironed onto a T-shirt.

The group first practiced the two stitches needed to make the flower.  Working with embroidery floss each took up a needle to learn the chain  and back stitch. It was not easy going, but the group persisted to master both the stitches. There was an array of floss to choose from, and each tween picked colors to compliment their T-shirts.

The flowers the group created were colorful and unique. No two were the same.  The last part, to iron the flowers to the shirts went quickly. Using two-sided adhesive the embroidered flowers were positioned on the shirts and then iron on. The finished result was a blooming garden of “April” flowers.

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